Michelle Obama
ESSENCE Talks to Michelle Obama About Getting More Kids to College (5:08)

In an exclusive interview with ESSENCE, Michelle Obama discusses college readiness and what’s next for her Reach Higher initiative.

London Nightclub is Under Fire
London Nightclub is Under Fire for Banning "Dark and Overweight" Women (1:55)

Dana Blair sits down with Demetria Lucas-D'Oyley, Rae Holiday and Pam Edwards-Christiani to talk about Dstrkt nightclub's recent mishap with a group of Black women that were allegedly denied entry.

7 Things We’re Talking About
7 Things We're Talking About (4:53)

From Michael B. Jordan's open letter to reaffirm his unwavering support of the Black Lives Matter movement to Fordham University revoking Bill Cosby's honorary degrees, here are the 7 things that have our attention this week.