Mia X

Mia X, also known as The Biggest Momma is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Actress and Author.

A prolific writer and avid student of Hip Hop. Mia cultivated her skills; preparing to become one of the music industries most respected and celebrated female artists of her time.

In 1993, Mia released a single titled “Da Payback.” In 1994, Mia X signed to fellow rapper Master P’s New Orleans based label, No Limit Records.


Saturday 12:40 PM Food

Mia X and a special guest will prepare her famous bread pudding! Join them as they chat all things food, music and culture and anything that comes to mind while cooking!

Saturday 04:00 PM Community & Culture

Meet Mia X and get a signed copy of her book, Things My Grandma Showed Me, Things My Grandma Told Me