After a picture of Toni Braxton and Bryan "Birdman" Williams snuggled up tight hit the Internet, the rumor mill started churning. No one knows if they're official, just friends or official when the time calls for it, but Mama Braxton is certainly all in for that relationship. Listen to the ladies of ESSENCE Live have a little #girlchat and decide if Toni and Birdman slay or get the shade.

Learn how get the face right and rock the perfect melanated beauty look just right for you with the help of makeup artist Tara Lauren on ESSENCE Live.

In this installment of our "No. 1 Festival for R&B" video series, the rapper—who will perform at the 2016 ESSENCE Fest, held June 30-July 3 in New Orleans—reveals when he fell in love with R&B and what he would change about the game.

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