From his transition from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, refusing to fight in the war to his iconic quotes, we honor the life and legacy of the famed boxer and activist who embraced his Blackness unapologetically.  [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Cassius Clay of Chicago. This'll be no contest. This will be a total annihilation. I'm the heavy weight champ of the world, and I don't have to talk no more and say I'm the greatest, because people tell me I'm the greatest. Will your next fight be billed as Cassius Clay or as Muhammad Ali? Muhammad Ali! Arrogant, boastful, sometimes hysterical. Be ready cuz I'm coming to get you. Why are you standing over him Muhammad. I'm trying to tell the bum to get up and fight [INAUDIBLE] i [MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] Heavyweight champion Cassius Clay refused to take the oath of induction into the [UNKNOWN]. The Black Muslim fighter who is also known as Muhammad Ali was immediately stripped of his title by the World Boxing Association. They insisted that he is an ordained minister and should be exempt. The champ is sincere in his He believes in his religion and his standards based solely on that. I said, mother, how come everything is white. I said, why is Jesus white with blonde hair and blue eyes? [LAUGHS] Why is the Lord's Supper all white men. The black man and the black woman should unite. Every good in them for the upliftment for the so called American-Negro. One of the greatest athletes of all time. Time. Muhammad Ali produced some of America's most lasting sports memories. From winning the gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics to carrying the Olympic torch at The 1996 summer Olympics. As the first three time Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world, he thrilled, entertained, and inspired us. His deep committment to equal justice and peace has touched people around the world. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
Jun, 06, 2016

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