Bride: Shereine Douglas Groom: Clance Laylor Occupations: Shereine — Senior Account Manager; Clance — Owner of Laylor Performance Systems  Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Wedding Location: The Regent Palms, Turks and Caicos Wedding Date: May 8, 2010   Lunch Time Luck: For years, Shereine Douglas had told her friends and family that she was not the marrying type. Then one day, while on her lunch hour at a local Jamaican food restaurant in Toronto, Clance Laylor walked into her life. He engaged her in some small talk and gave her his business card before heading back to work. Little did she know she had just met her future husband. The two chatted through e-mails and phone calls for a while, but she wouldn’t go on a date with him. “She kept saying no for six months,” Clance remembers.  One morning Shereine walked into her office to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note attached from Clance. “That did it for me,” she says. “We went out that night.” When You Know: “On our first date, we hit it off!” Shereine says. “It felt like we knew each other and it just got better and better.” After the first date, Clance knew he wanted to make her his wife. “After the first date, it was a wrap,” he says. “I just knew I wanted to be with her.” It took Shereine a little bit longer. “It took me about three months for me to know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Clance,” Shereine remembers. “I started seeing myself doing things I’d never done with any man before.” Under the Tree: At 12 a.m. on Christmas morning, Clance suggested he and Shereine open their presents. “I couldn’t wait until the morning.  I was just so anxious,” he gushes. To fool his bride-to-be, Clance bought Shereine a gift certificate to yoga athletic store Lululemon, knowing she wouldn’t be impressed. “Clance buys gift certificates for everyone,” Shereine tells us. “I told him that gift certificates are something you get for a co-worker. I was a little disappointed.” Shereine tried not to let her true feelings show as she grabbed Clance’s Christmas present. Just as she got up, Clance slipped a ring box in her seat. “I sat on the couch and I felt something. I looked and I was so shocked. Then he knelt down in the living room and he proposed. I said yes and then I started calling everybody.” Clance and Shereine took their time picking the perfect place to host their wedding. In the end the headed down to the Turks and Caicos to say “I Do” surrounded by sand, sun, sea and everlasting love. Share their love.