Dr. Sherry Blake's Tips For Beating Anxiety During The Coronavirus Pandemic

During the Essence Studios' Wellness House Virtual Summit, renowned psychologist Dr. Sherry Blake recommends activities you can do around the house to stay calm.

The Coronavirus outbreak has no doubt sent shockwaves throughout the world. As people globally are maintaining physical distance from one another in order to curb the spread of this scary new virus, news is pouring in about the devastating toll it’s taking on our population. No wonder that many people are reporting feelings of anxiety and depression.

According to Dr. Sherry Blake, who joined ESSENCE for our first-ever Wellness House Virtual Summit, there are constructive ways we can find to manage our anxiety. One of the easiest mood boosters, she says, is to go outdoors for fresh air. “No one says you can’t go outside,” says Blake. “You just can’t go outside in groups.”

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When it comes to keeping your kids occupied, Blake suggests that activities like board games and cooking are great methods. She also says teaching children how to meditate is critical in times like this. “I also tell people, don’t forget to pray,” she adds. “It’s all about getting emotionally grounded.”

Ultimately, Blake wants us to remember that we cannot hold space for stress and relaxation at the same time. One of the ways we can curb anxiety as it appears is to take breaks when needed and remember to breathe.

See Blake’s full list of tips in the video above.


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