This past weekend, Oprah and the good folks at WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) teamed up to bring us “Be the Love You Need” – a free virtual event designed to “help people recommit to themselves and create the stronger, healthier life they envision.”

The 90-minute experience was packed with gems about how to set up the building blocks to healthier, happier versions of ourselves. Ciara stopped by for a quick chat with mama O, where she gave a quick update on her weight loss journey since having her third child, Win, last summer. The Grammy-winning singer set out to lose 48 pounds with a balanced diet and committed workouts with her trainer Decker Davis. She reveals that while she only has about 18 more pounds left to lose, she’s not as eager to lose the weight as she once was.

“With this pregnancy, in particular, I chose to embrace every step of the process,” Ciara told Oprah. “I’m really enjoying my curves. I think my goal may change this go-around versus what I use to want my goal to be. I may want to hold on to five more pounds than I normally would. But because I’m loving where I am, I’m embracing every bit of the process, and it is somewhat a new me.”

Ciara explains that after giving birth to her son Future and daughter Sienna, she put much more pressure on herself to snap back into shaping. This time around, she’s taking a different approach. “I realized sometimes you have to step back, look at where you are, and say, ‘I’m actually doing alright. I love these extra love handles and my hips.'”

Ciara also admitted to feeling “empowered” by her decision to keep working and appearing on magazine covers while still working towards her fitness goals. “I’ve done a few cover shoots that I probably never would have done back in the day because I would have felt like I had to get back to my base weight,” she admits.

Watch the full segment below:

Ciara’s hard work appears to be paying off. While appearing at the Super Bowl with her husband Russell Wilson, Cici showed off her toned legs as she participated in the “walk challenge.”

Keep on crushing it, Cici!


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