Is there anything Ciara can’t do?

The R&B star never stops creating, even when she’s 48 hours away from giving birth. In the video for her new socially conscious single, “Rooted,” featuring Ester Dean, the singer gives us fierce looks and dance moves for days. The visuals were shot just two days before she gave birth to her son Win. The cover art, shot by photographer Brandon Hicks, was teased a couple of days before the single dropped.

Ciara is seen rocking a luscious Afro with her gorgeous baby bump on full display. Images of protests calling for justice for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are prominent in the video. She concludes the video with a message for us: “To all my young Rosa’s and Young Luther’s, keep marching,” she says. “Don’t stop fighting for what you believe in. To all my Black queens and kings, continue to plant and spread seeds of love, hope and pride in your tribe. Everything you need to survive and thrive is rooted in you. Stay rooted.” 

Ever the supportive husband, Russell Wilson applauded his queen for crushing her new project. “The fact that you shot this amazing video only a few days before delivering Baby Win shows why you are the best in the world,” he writes in a supportive tweet.

A portion of the proceeds from “Rooted” will be donated to Grantmakers for Girls of Color, a philanthropic effort focused on raising investments for girls of color in the United States.

We’re loving all this Black excellence!


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