Ciara is leveling up in every way possible, and that includes her fitness journey.

Cici gave birth to her third child, an adorable baby boy named Win, last July. The mother of three immediately set her sights on losing 48 pounds she had gained during pregnancy. We all know the “Rooted” singer is committed to staying fit since rocking the stage with high-energy choreography is her bread and butter. So in addition to her daily workouts with celebrity trainer Decker Davis, she’s also partnering with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) to stay vigilant of her diet. The WW brand prides itself on helping its members set realistic weight loss goals without depriving them of foods they love. It’s an effective strategy that’s helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off.

So far, Ciara has lost an impressive 28 pounds, which she proudly shared on her Instagram page.

ESSENCE spoke with Ciara about her partnership with the healthy eating app, which helps her enjoy some of her favorite meals guilt-free. “I think what’s been really cool is knowing that you can still eat all the things you want to,” she told us. “And me coming from Atlanta, Georgia, being a Southern girl, I’m all about the good food. It brings me happiness and joy. It’s something that I look forward to in my day.”

Ciara says a typical day’s meal plan using WW begins with a warm, hearty bowl of cream of wheat, followed by a shrimp burrito bowl topped for lunch and miso cod for dinner. As a breastfeeding mom, Ciara says she appreciates the variety of foods she’s able to choose from which keep her full and energized. “It gives you balance and you can keep your sanity,” she says, “and you feel joyful in the process of getting your bounce back and taking care of yourself.”

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In addition to eating well, Ciara works out like no one’s business. If you keep up with her Instagram stories, you might have seen her running in what looks like a mini spaceship. That’s an anti-gravity treadmill that helps to lighten her body weight for a more seamless run. “I can be running where it’s supporting 75% of my body weight, or 50% of my body weight. I adjust it the more comfortable I get and the more my body gets strong,” she says.

While Ciara is still getting acquainted with her new body post-baby number three, she says she’s learned to appreciate her “additional curves” and is taking the process day-by-day. When asked what she’d tell other moms on their postpartum fitness journey, her message is simple: “Don’t be too hard on yourself. Embrace the process. I just want to encourage every mom and woman out there to set their own personal goals.”


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