Prentice Penny is partnering with Stranger Comics’ Founder Sebastian A. Jones to recognize and nurture independent comic book creators. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Insecure showrunner and Jones are establishing a joint venture that has not been named at this time. It will be home to an incubator program where “BIPOC” creators can have access to the resources they need to grow their ideas and flesh out their concepts for on-screen projects. The company also plans on launching virtual options for mentorship.

The pair have launched into action already. They are currently developing Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer (David Crownson) and Jaycen Wise (Uraeus) for television.

“When Sebastian told me there’s so many independent comic creators of color that largely get ignored in the movie and television space, I knew that I wanted to help foster and produce content with these amazing creators,” said Penny. “I’m so excited with all the possibilities the joint venture can do. Having someone like Sebastian as a partner who has had amazing success in the independent comic space and someone like myself that knows tv and film, it felt like such an easy and natural fit. I can’t wait to dive in and find the next generation of BIPOC comic creators and get their work up on the screen.”

Jones acknowledged how intimidating it can be to transition from one medium to another. 

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“As a comic creator, it can be a daunting prospect to have an IP leave the familiar nest of the comic industry and head off to the big wide world of TV and Film,” said Jones. 

“I couldn’t be happier to have found the perfect partner to team up with, especially to help guide, mentor, and amplify the voices of aspiring BIPOC creators that need to be heard,” he added. 

Penny recently sent encouraging statements to his fellow creatives on his Twitter account. “I don’t know what young writer needs to hear this, but if you think #InsecureHBO is a good show. Just know every second of it, I agonized, worried, stressed about if what I was contributing was good enough creatively. So know it never leaves you. Embrace it and make it a power,” he wrote. 

Congratulations Prentice!