After five seasons of explosive drama and relatable hilarity, Insecure is finally giving final closure to the story of Issa, Molly, Kelly, and Tiffany.

Since 2016, the HBO drama-comedy has been a roller coaster ride of relationship lows and professional highs as the ladies embarked on their second coming-of-age; transitioning out of their fun fledgling late 20’s into their life-path-defining early 30’s. Our protagonist Issa Dee, in particular, has spent each season discovering who she is and what she truly wants through a series of major mistakes, bold decisions, and of course, bathroom mirror freestyles.

As we left off in the penultimate episode, each of the women are at a crossroads in their lives. Kelly is looking at making estate planning for Black families a key component of her financial advising career. Tiffany is preparing to uproot her life and relocate to Denver for her husband’s job. Molly is excelling at work and may have finally found a healthy relationship that she’s mentally and emotionally prepared for. Issa’s cultural event business is taking off just as she is on the crux of getting extra serious with Nathan…when new father Lawrence pops back up to let her know he’s still in love and needs her back in his life.

It’s about to get messy, okay?! But while we wait to see what Prentice Penny and Issa Rae have in store for us with Sunday’s grand finale, let’s take a look back at the moments that had us shook, seeing ourselves, and hella-hooked to our screens every weekend.

Insecure, you will truly be missed!

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