Celebrity Beauty Looks Of The Week June 7 – June 13

For the past two weeks celebrities took a break from posting just-for-fun selfies and beauty shots on social media to decry the unjust murders of Black civilians at the hand of the police. Instead, our favorite Tinseltown beauties posted messages supporting the Black community and calling for systemic changes.

Last week, celebrities, influencers, editors, creatives, change makers and other real women took to Instagram with a challenge to further the message that Black lives matter and that Black women have a voice that will no longer go unheard.

The result: a collection of photos showcasing just how beautiful Black is. Whether they were old photos, the ladies were in full glam or wearing nothing to enhance their natural beauty, these beauties looked stunning. And the posts not only normalize and highlight Black beauty, but they magnify the support that they women show to one another, especially in trying times.

Check out some of the women who participated and posted photos we double-tapped, bookmarked, and couldn’t look away from, further proving that Black women will be seen.

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