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  1. Take Action Right Now
    “Our mental health demands attention and it’s going to get it. Whether it be the emotional break down that you have, the blood pressure and cholesterol numbers that are now off the charts, or the bosses and the family that’s giving you the feedback that you just aren’t showing up in the ways you used to. We can’t wait until next season to tend to our mental health, we have to do it RIGHT now.”

    2. Clear Out The Toxicity
    What do you need to get rid of to make space for what you want to manifest? Getting all those clothes out of the closet? Those relationships that we need to let go of because they’re weighing us down? The job that is sucking the soul out of you? What do you need to just let go of?”

    3. Accept & Affirm Yourself
    Learn how to be somebody who affirms themselves. Become that person who can say, ‘Sis you doin a good job, Sis, you doin a good job,’ because you are. You are doing a great job.”

    4. Rest
    “We have to rest. It is our body and our mind’s opportunity to rejuvenate and to heal. And it can come in all forms: Sleep, taking social media breaks, turning our phones over at your family dinner, or declining the invitation to go out on Saturday night.”

    5. Exercise
    “When we get our heart rate up, those endorphins that are pumping through our bodies are going straight to our pleasure centers. And then, boom, better mood, reduced anxiety. Natural medication.”

    6. Develop A Healthy Relationship With Sex
    “Developing a healthy sexually intimate relationship with yourself and others is a good thing. Because, just like exercise, the endorphins, the dopamine, the oxytocin that gets released when you climax goes straight to your pleasure centers. That’s a stress reliever. That’s an anxiety reducer.”

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Mel’s advice in full. Fore more of everything you missed at ESSENCE Wellness House, click HERE.

The 2021 ESSENCE Wellness House is sponsored by Tropicana, TV One and WW.


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