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Iyanla Vanzant: 'When Was The Last Time You Prayed Over Your Family?'

During this time of panic and stress, the "Fix My Life" coach stopped by our virtual ESSENCE Wellness House with a few words of wisdom.

Iyanla Vanzant, spiritual advisor, coach and host of the popular OWN Network show Iyanla: Fix My Life dropped by the ESSENCE Wellness House Virtual Summit today to drop tons of gems at a time where it is most needed.

One viewer wrote in to ask Ms. Vanzant for her advice on how relationships with our family and friends can help or hinder reaching our dreams. The writer says she is constantly worried about her husband and child, especially during this global health crisis.

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In response to the question, Vanzant delivered a word about the power of prayer. “[If you’re constantly worried], that would say you have issues with control,” she suggests via the live stream. “How about you take some of that worry time and pray? When was the last time you prayed over your husband while he was sleep or for him while he was at work? When was the last time you affirmed life over your sleeping baby? Once you pray, don’t worry. If you’re going to worry, don’t bother to pray.”

Vanzant goes on to invite us to assess what’s going right and wrong in our lives. Women, especially, receive a word from our good sis about embracing our divine feminine energy.

Count on Ms. Vanzant to deliver a word in our time of trouble! Check out the inspiring clip above.