Black Women Are Owning The Pillow Challenge
Photo: @freemdom.ly__

It seems like every couple of days there is a new social media ideation that sweeps our feed. Last week it was Tik Tok’s #DontRushChallenge and this week, women are posing on the internet in chic house pillows. Yes, pillows. But honestly, when you’re stuck quarantined for over a month, we can’t even blame creatives for producing ways to stay active.

When searching the hashtag #PillowChallenge on Instagram, you will be delighted to catch women wearing a pillow vertically with a belt included for a cinched waist. Some ladies even added a heel and did their hair and makeup for a mod illusion. Let’s be honest, we’re already lounging around with a load of pillows so why not put one on and imagine you’re roaming around Paris Fashion Week.

Check out some of our favorite looks from the current Pillow Challenge.