Due to the current pandemic, mostly everyone is “enjoying” their mandatory quarantine from home. And with this new found freedom, the virtual “dance” app Tik Tok has been a life-saver for many. The app, most popularly known for it dance challenges has recently grown its popularity by allowing users to curate skits, makeup videos, and mini political infomercials. It’s basically Vine which diminished in 2016 but, with music and graphics.

From left to right; @itsnandibby, @dylanthegypsy, @thecleopatralee, @alexischantellej, @ellebaness, @mariamadiallo_, @ziggymackjohnson

For many influencers and fashion insiders who’s day-to-day and income rely on events and brand promotion, this time has been difficult. But, leave it up to the creative community to curate ways to make up for lost time and money. While scrolling on social media through quarantine, I noticed the #StayAtHomeChallenge on Tik Tok where everyone was curating fun ways to stay busy while they are home. One I noticed was a few of my favorite fashion pages teaming up with each other and showing off the ultimate going out look. Each girl would come on the screen in loungewear only to put a makeup brush over the camera to reveal their look.

Seemed pretty easy, so I tapped a few of my friends to try it out. How’d we do?

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