Telfar’s First Store Will Open This Year
Courtesy of Getty Images

Well, it’s official that Telfar’s website won’t be the only place where you can purchase Telfar’s mainline product for too much longer. In fact, Clemens himself disclosed that the brand’s first store will be opening this year. 

Following the most recent Telfar presentation at New York Fashion Week, in which Clemens showcased a new evergreen collection that consisted of new bags, performance wear, denim and new tops — all in a wide array of colors — it was only a matter of time for us to expect a physical Telfar store as the brand continues to build an assortment of wardrobe essentials with a twist

In Clemens’ most recent interview with The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy asked about the possibility of a Telfar store. Clemens replied, “There is one coming. We’re opening a store this year in New York City. And we’re still deciding where that is going to be. I don’t want to say too much about it, but we’re opening a store this year.”

Given the creative nature of the Telfar brand and their newly launched TV station, Telfar TV, we’re almost certain that the brand’s flagship store won’t be a typical retail store. While we anticipate the official date and location of the store opening, we advise to keep your eyes peeled on Telfar’s Instagram and Telfar TV as Clemens also revealed a few teasers of upcoming collaborations, including the first Telfar backpack.

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