Savage X Fenty Made Me Trade My Boxer Briefs For Lingerie
Courtesy of Elianel Clinton

It’s human nature to have certain desires and needs, including those moments when we wish to dress up just to feel sexy. Whether it’s for the bedroom, a night out or just because, we all deserve access to a portal of sensual style, right? However, it seems like clothes that are made to make you feel sexy have mostly been reserved for and catered to women. Guys are left to unbutton their shirts, wear uncomfortably tight clothing or to get creative with scissors. Luckily, the market has evolved to provide men with more options and Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty (SXF) has proven that lingerie is for everyone. 

Personally, I’m tired of relying on grey sweatpants and classic tank tops to spice it up. It’s too predictable, which kills the potential bedroom spontaneity and most notably, those are not the most fashionable items, if at all. Have you ever been the guy or witnessed a guy trying to seduce someone in compression shorts? I’m not saying it can’t work, but I’m just saying he could do better. He shouldn’t have to wait for his workout gear to be washed for it to convert to “sensual wear” — leave the funk and the spandex in the gym. 

Savage X Fenty does a swell job in creating an assortment that everyone can feel included in and genuinely represented by. Not all guys like to wear jock straps, and not all females like to wear thongs — SXF understands that. For those that lean into their sacred masculine and divine feminine energy, myself included, there is a well-balanced collection to embody both. 

Before finding myself dressed in SXF, I had never experienced or put much thought into what it felt like to have a nice nighttime set. It’s always been sweatpants, a pair of shorts, and t-shirts that I don’t wear outside of the house, but after purchasing the ‘Smoking Jacket’ and ‘Satin Pants’, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old ways or pajamas.

The fact that Rihanna created lingerie for men pushes the needle for what is considered to be menswear. From the fabric selections to the sensuous color palette, Savage X Fenty breaks the rules of typical gender norms. Granted, I’m already the type of person to wear whatever I want, so if I see something I must have and it’s in the women’s section, that won’t stop me from getting it. But, it is fulfilling to see your style and flair represented in your designated category. 

Thanks to SXF, I can maintain my stylish wardrobe even when it’s time for bed. And although the pieces are great for sleeping, lounging, and seducing, some of the brand’s offerings are great additions for an outfit outside of the house like the ‘Satin Pants’ and ‘Monogram Tank’.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that the mesh monogram trunks and satin boxers have replaced my usual boxer briefs and become my most desired undergarments. What can I say, Rihanna knows exactly what she’s doing, and once you go Savage X Fenty, you never go back.