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How This Celebrity Publicist Is Creating A Fashion Lane Of His Own

Phreshy stays red carpet ready.
Phreshy Is One Of The Most Stylish Publicists Out – See His Best Looks Here
Courtesy of Erick Robinson

Behind every major celebrity or company, there is a visionary that steers the ship on creating a public image that highlights their client in the best light — those visionaries are called publicists. Derrian Perry, also known as Phreshy, is a publicist to some of the biggest names in the spotlight right now including Offset, Nichole Lynel, Jayda Cheaves, and Taylor Girlz. Each of his clients has their own unique style, but three in particular are making noise in the fashion space. Offset created his own fashion brand and is usually seated at top tier fashion shows during fashion week. Cheaves initially built her million-dollar brand on reselling her clothes, and now owns her own clothing line and Lynel is a Los-Angeles based fashion designer that recently secured shelf space in Nordstrom. As you can imagine, working with stylish clients like Phreshy’s requires him to keep up and dress the part.

“I feel like working with high profile clients requires me to go to high profile events, which means I always have to be ahead on the trends and be ahead on what’s next in fashion,” Phreshy tells ESSENCE. “It influences my style because I feel like people tend to only want to talk to people who are well dressed. I’ve always grown up to think dressing well is a form of good manners.” Phreshy, who is originally from Houston, Texas, draws inspiration from the flashy culture that is prominent in the south. “On Sundays we go to church, and we are very flashy with the things that we wear, but we are also chill at the same time,” he says. “I’ll wear a suit and tennis shoes, that’s my thing and that’s really common in the south,” he added. “We got a lot of things late in the south, so my fashion sense came from shopping things late and reinventing how it looks.”

When you don’t always have access to the latest styles fresh off the runway, that is where true style comes in and you put your fashion sense to the test to see what outfit you can whip up with what you have. “My approach to getting dressed is based on how I feel. Some days I feel bright and I’m just going to go all out, and some days I feel tired and loungy, so it will be sweats, a designer bag, and something else cool,” Phreshy shared. The stylish publicist also earned his nickname from always dressing to the nines. When asked about prioritizing style or comfort, Phreshy explained that he blends the two to get the best of both worlds. “I think getting off strong looks is more important to me, and that’s kind of how I got the name Phreshy. People just look to me to give strong looks, whether it be formal wear or athletic wear. My overall style is a really good mix between a strong look, but a comfortable look.”

We’ve rounded up Phreshy’s best looks ahead, so you can see the outfits that earned him his nickname.