Athleisure is going nowhere. Initially, it was all about workout gear that could crossover into the real world, pieces that looked good beyond the gym. Softer, stretchier fabrics were key­­, like Lycra, lightweight cotton, elastane, and spandex. These allowed ease of movement with no need for ironing or even buttoning.  

The fashion world embraced the trend because of its versatility: one can pair slick leggings with a motorcycle jacket or a beaded bomber or, add heels and jewelry to a cozy jumpsuit. In my humble opinion, that’s why athleisure is here to stay. It’s comfortable and super plus the fact that comfortable and 

Fast forward to COVID, we’re all suddenly inside. The “leisure” part of athleisure took hold. The desire for comfortable, good-looking pieces (beyond fleece and pjs) went up because many wanted to feel somewhat pulled together and ready for a work Zoom call if necessary.  Athleisure met the moment and expanded from sporty to lounge-friendly.

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Now that we’re easing outdoors, it seems that there is even more variety within the category. The foundation of comfort and ease is solid, but one can now find details and distinctions that speak to different style sensibilities, like street style (chic designs, edgy finishes), luxury (cashmere, richer fabrics in the mix) and last, but not least, sexy components (sleek elements, sexy cuts).  

We’re highlighting the latter today, so you can be inspired to keep it comfy, but make it sexy. 


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