19 TV Shows We’re Binge-Watching This Fall
HBO Insecure

Characters are taking us behind alleys, inside gated communities, and into the trap on TV this Fall. 

Travel to 1960s Alabama with a nostalgic Don Cheadle, relive the creation of your favorite ’90s joint with RZA, or lose yourself in the drama of modern-day L.A. friends with the touch of a button.

Discarded rap queens, legendary kingpins, and scorned matriarchs are popping up in this season’s television programming lineups. At their side are teenage activists, championship athletes, bold superheroes, and jilted vigilantes.  Subcultures that were previously ignored and true stories that only bubbled outside of the mainstream are now front and center. And as for the classic dramas? They’re getting new settings.

Get a glimpse of the people and places grabbing our attention in these shows we’re planning on binging this fall below.


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