Chlöe is giving her fans (and haters) a little something extra to chew on today with her latest post on social media.

The Have Mercy songstress just crossed a milestone of 4 million followers on Instagram, and decided to lean into her grown and sexy image while thanking the millions who’ve given her a follow since she established her own Instagram account in early 2021.

In the Instagram post, the 23-year-old starlet playfully eats a lollipop while lounging on a fuzzy pink carpet in cream lingerie and a black satin robe.

“Woke up with you guys on my mind..,” she captioned the video. “Couldn’t forget to thank y’all.”

“To my 4 million followers and counting, my candy kisses and my clovers, thank you so much for loving me – and I love you right on back,” she says in a sultry tone. “There’s a lot more to come.”

Chlöe has faced repeated backlash over her performances, outfits, and music videos claiming that she’s “doing too much” and being “too sexy” since coming into her own and pursuing a solo career on top of the one she has established with her sister as one half of CHLOE X HALLE.

Though she has been emotionally affected by fan responses calling her out for seeking attention and disparaging her expressions of sensuality and sexuality in the past, Chlöe now claps back, asserting that she shows her body because she’s proud of it, and because, as she told fans on Twitter last month, “Doing ‘too much’ is my specialty.”

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