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Susan Kelechi Watson Spits COVID-19 Freestyle Over Lil’ Wayne Beat

“I felt like I had a hot 16 in me,” she wrote in the caption for the video.
Susan Kelechi Watson Spits Freestyle About COVID-19

This Is Us star Susan Kelechi Watson took to IGTV to turn her pandemic frustrations into some fire bars. 

The actress spit a rap over the beat to Robin Thicke and Lil’ Wayne’s track “Shooter,” addressing her thoughts and feelings about COVID-19 from what she called the “club couch.” 

“I felt like I had a hot 16 in me *sigh* it’s week 2 y’all” she wrote in the caption for the video. 

“How we gon’ live we inside everyday/all around the world we are sheltered in place/yo’ I gotta use Zoom just so I can see your face/Netflix so I can get away,” the actress began. 

Kelechi Watson went on to shout-out DJ D-Nice for “digging in the crates” to keep us all sane with his now infamous Instagram Live sessions. 

Kelechi Watson also named New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo—whom many are praising for his handling of the pandemic in his state—in her bars. 

“Look like our leader’s going solo/I change the station, I listen to Andrew Cuomo,” she rapped, before showing support for the healthcare workers tackling this crisis head-on. 

Kelechi Watson has an emergency health care provider in her immediate family. She and her brother, Dr. Richard Judah Watson, went live last week to answer questions about COVID-19. 

“Pray for the medics that are on the front lines/these days is different/these are interesting times,” she rapped while swaying in her seat. 

The actress ended her freestyle by encouraging viewers to keep practicing social distancing and turning to a higher power. 

“Six feet apart, but we’re more alike than ever/I pray to God, he alone is my forever/so celebrate a toast to life ayyy/this is all of us, and it’s gonna be alright,” she concluded. 

Of course Beth Pearson, Kelechi Watson’s character on This Is Us, would be working to make us all feel better. It’s what she does.