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Watch #InMyFeed: We Cape for Serena Williams And Talk About Racial Profiling

We also discuss another "living while Black" incident that backfired on one white woman.
Welcome to #InMyFeed, ESSENCE’s daily digital show that offers you a quick look of the hottest headlines on your timeline. Today our feeds are overflowing with a good dose of karma for not-so-neighborly neighborhood watchers, the #MeToo milestone and a cape in the works for Serena Williams. And The OverExplainer is back just in time to break down rape culture with our girl, Danielle Young. But first things first: Happy Boss Day! Black women remain the country’s most entrepreneurial and most educated. We see you sis. Over the weekend, D’Arreion Toles became the latest “Living While Black” example of racial profiling. This time a white woman who also lives in his condo harassed him as he tried to enter their St. Louis condominium complex and followed him to his door. Thankfully, he filmed the exchange. And karma had time: Hilary Brooke Mueller was fired from her job at a luxury real estate company and her estranged husband Brandon Mueller, whose father is Black, released a video condemning the behavior. Lastly, save the date for the 2019 Met Gala! Serena Williams will serve as co-host alongside Lady Gaga. At the Pennsylvania Women’s Conference she shared that she will be wearing a cape! Sometimes superheroes have capes – as we continue to twirl on our haters. Watch the video above for more #InMyFeed. TOPICS: