You would think that being an athletic super hero would automatically mean you can tackle anything, but for tennis champ and first time mom Serena Williams, there’s one thing she has yet to conquer – flying with daughter Olympia.

After what we’re sure was an eventful flight with baby Olympia, the #tiredmama took to Instagram to ask her 10 million followers what she can do to soothe her daughter on flights, besides glue her to a cartoon filled iPad.

“#thismama is tired. Flying with the little one is really a test. #thismama really needs tips. There is nothing I do that seems to work. I don’t want her to use a ipad . Any suggestions? #thismama.”

In true social media fashion, Williams’ followers came through with tons of helpful advice to help Serena win parenting gold.

One mom suggested suggested bringing a few arts and crafts on her next flight.

“wherearewegoingtomorrowtravel @serenawilliams We travel full time with our two little kids and we always try to book night time flights so they are tried and sleep! A box of stickers or plasters give great entertainment and finger puppets . Little books also are a must. Avoid musical toys as they can get annoying. Bring a carrier so you can walk up and down the plane if you need to distract have fun 😊”

Another mom suggested Serena try scheduling flights close to baby Olympia’s nap time to enjoy a peaceful trip.

“@yahcheers All great ideas above. We schedule flight time close to nap time/sleep time and our little one sleeps a majority of the flight.”

Who says the internet can’t give good advice!