K. Michelle Reveals She Doesn’t Need A Surrogate To Have Another Baby
Getty Images
K. Michelle revealed this week that she just might be ready for more babies. The “Love ‘Em All“ singer shared that a doctor had deemed it possible for her to have a baby without needing a surrogate. “Guess who was FINALLY given the go-ahead to carry my own babies? ME!” K. Michelle announced in an Instagram post on Thursday. “Man, It’s been a journey. No surrogate needed. Embryos can come out the freezer.” She added: “It feels like Christmas, I’ve been so scared! Babies and business, LIFE AINT THAT BAD.” K. Michelle already has a son, Chase Bowman, from her previous relationship. But she was always been open about her plans to grow her family. Last year, she revealed that she was making plans with fiance Dr. Kastan Sim to welcome their first children together —twins— by way of a surrogate after struggling to conceive.  She has since turned her attention towards successfully having her butt injections removed.