K. Michelle Is Expecting Twins Via Surrogate After Lupus Scare
Prince Williams

Congratulations are in order for K. Michelle, who recently announced that she’s expecting twins via surrogate.

However, the news is a little bittersweet as the singer revealed via Twitter that she recently suffered a lupus scare and has been struggling with fertility issues. Tweeting Thursday, the singer said, “So my docs told me I had lupus.I was devastated for 2weeks.Then the fertility doctor told me that I couldnt carry twins full term.”





Michelle opened up about the ordeal in an interview with Billboard, telling the publication about her struggle to find a surrogate after being told she wouldn’t be able to carry twins.

“So this big process, I’m gonna have to pick a surrogate and everything and that’s very nerve-wracking and I have an album coming out, I’m gonna have to try and prepare,” she said. “New babies are coming and it’s really something we’ve been wanting. I just want to make the right decision when it comes to picking a surrogate and that process has completely started.”

Later, the singer revealed that she’d finally received news that a surrogate had been found, writing on Twitter, “They really found the perfect surrogate for us.”





After receiving tons of prayer and congratulations, Michelle told fans, “Focused and so happy about my family getting larger.”



We’re sending positive vibes after Michelle’s lupus scare and are excited as she embarks on her journey to expand her family.