<p>K. Michelle Sets The Record Straight About Her Relationship Status For All Those Who Still Have Questions</p>


Is K. Michelle a wife now?

Nope, not just yet, but she sure feels like one. In this Essence Now interview K. Michelle reveals that she’s not technically married but in a relationship. “We’ve been friends for over 19 years now, and I just looked at him and said this is the type of man that I should be with, someone who is my friend,” said Michelle. She also admits that she goes back and forth with wanting to elope and wanting a big wedding, but either way, she already feels married because she’s known her boyfriend, Dr. Kastan Sims, for so long. 

When asked about how the couple connects, K. Michelle spilled more tea: “He really doesn’t know anything… with music and all of that he dosen’t care, we just connect with us. He knows who Limberly Pate is, he knows my government name, he knows me as that.”