K. Michelle Shares Post-Surgery Progress After Having Butt Injections Removed
K. Michelle

K. Michelle is giving fans an update after having butt injections removed and dealing with the complications that followed. 

The singer took to Instagram to share, “Long way to go! 1 reconstructive surgery left. Couple more weeks of rehabing!”

Long way to go! 1 reconstructive surgery left. Couple more weeks of of rehabing!

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The singer opened up about her decision to have the injections removed on an episode of The Real, where she told hosts that doctors had discovered that the weight of her butt was beginning to damage her health.

“We discovered that my butt is so big and my legs are not holding it,” the singer said. “People don’t talk about that, though. Imagine if you don’t have the money to get it out,” she said. “You got these butt shots and you’re in pain, but you don’t have any money to get it out of you. They don’t tell you about that.”

Later, the singer underwent additional surgeries after complications developed. She told Steve Harvey in April that doctors had discovered tissue damage from the injections and that she’d need to have more surgery. 

“They’re cutting tissue out of my body so that my body will stop reacting to trying to push it out,” she said. “This will be my second one, but I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve learned it.”

Now, the singer is close to being done with it all and seems happy, healthy, and finally headed toward recovery.