Porsha Williams And Her Fiancé Traveled to His Hometown In Nigeria And Received A Royal Welcome: ‘What An Experience’
Prince Williams/Wireimage

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is currently taking a break from ATL living to experience the culture and homeland of her fiancé Simon Guobadia. The beauty has been sharing footage of her current travels, jetting off to Benin City, part of Edo State in the southern part of Nigeria. (May this author add, it’s also where her family is from!)

While the couple may be in Benin City to connect with Simon’s friends and family, they’ve started their trip spending time at the residence of businessman and aristocrat Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion. They helped him celebrate turning 87 earlier this month in a lavish party. Upon their arrival, they were welcomed with a lot of dancing, singing and positive energy from the many guests at Chief Igbinedion’s home, which Williams seemed very excited about.

“What an absolutely beautiful welcoming by the people of Benin here in the home of the honorable Chief Gabriel Igbinedion,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to my new sister for sending me my fabulous dress. This is the city that raised my fiancé and I’m so blessed to come back and have this experience with him.” 

Since arriving in town, she’s been eating pounded yam and egusi, drinking palm wine, learning the customs, and of course, cuddling up with Guobadia.

“Enjoying the festivities for Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion private birthday celebration 🎉 🥂 My first time in Nigeria and I love it already,” she wrote. “Palm wine from my palms to yours my love. I’m glad that Benin is our first stop the culture and tradition is so rich here♥️👑 What an experience.”

Porsha has said that when she and Simon do get married soon, they will have multiple weddings, including an engagement celebration or “traditional ceremony” to honor his Bini culture. In the culture, that is deemed the actual, most important wedding as both families agree to the marriage, pray for the newlyweds and share the kola nut.

“He’s African, so we’re going to have a native law and custom ceremony, and a regular wedding, and then we’re going to have another wedding at one of the houses that is out of the country,” she said earlier this year after the couple went public with their engagement.”

The couple first became Instagram official in May to some controversy. Nevertheless, Porsha was unfazed by any negativity. She continues to be and as a result, is living her best and in love life.

“Our relationship began a month ago—yes we are crazy in love,” she said in May. “I know it’s fast but we are living life each day to its fullest. I choose happiness every morning and every night. Tuning out all negative energy and only focused on positive wishes. He makes me so happy and to me, that is what matters most.”


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