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SHHHOWERCAP Is Protecting Moms And The Teams That Treat Them This Mother's Day

The beauty brand is supporting mothers, championing motherhood and helping frontline workers.
SHHHOWERCAP Is Protecting Moms This Mother’s Day
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This Mother’s Day, the beauty startup SHHHOWERCAP has created the ultimate care package for gifting the special ladies in your life, and for protecting someone else’s.

Last week the brand launched a donation program called “The Care Package” for the delivery of shower caps to Labor and Delivery (L&D) units across public hospitals in New York, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In celebration of Mother’s Day, the program will specifically focus on protecting the mothers (and teams) that provide and care for mothers and their babies.

“We’d been working on a very different Mother’s Day campaign for months when COVID-19 hit and changed everything. As a primarily self-funded company we wanted a way for SHHHOWERCAP to give back at scale,” said SHHHOWERCAP CEO and Founder Jackie De Jesu.

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“We wanted a way to support mothers and to champion motherhood,” she continued. “This year, there seems no better way to do so than by bringing our community together to support and protect teams on the front line responsible for these strong mothers and bringing their babies into the world.” 

SHHHOWERCAP’s antibacterial, machine washable, waterproof and water repellant caps are a great substitution for high demand scrub caps needed by healthcare workers, amongst other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

SHHHOWERCAP Is Protecting Moms This Mother’s Day

While the brand will be donating its reusable shower caps to the departments most vulnerable to virus transmission, consumers can also donate a cap with each cap they buy, or simply donate a cap to a frontline worker.

As COVID-19 has left us with many questions and uncertainties, and it feels like celebrations are cancelled through the remainder of the year, this campaign reconfirms something that we can be sure of—kindness has not been cancelled.

Go to shhhowercap.com to “gift one, give one” or simply donate today.

Editor’s Note: When ordering nonessential items to be delivered, please keep in mind that warehouse and delivery workers on the front lines are putting their personal safety on the line each day to help keep our country running. As we owe them extreme gratitude, we encourage our ESSENCE family to consider doing something thoughtful for them, like leaving a tip or even offering a simple “thank you.” Stay safe!