Bossy Cosmetics Releases The Ultimate, Vegan Lip Gloss For Black Women
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Last week, beauty experts and industry professionals traveled to Las Vegas for the 20th edition of CosmoProf. This annual trade show brings the beauty industry together to connect and share new innovations. At this year’s show, Bossy Cosmetics, founded by CEO Aisha Fatima Dozie, debuted a new collection of ultra-hydrating lip glosses in five different shades.

Dozie’s business is most well known for its lip care products, and particularly, as a Black-owned business, Bossy Cosmetics prioritizes creating products that compliment Black and Brown skin.  “Following the success of our Power Woman Essential Bullet Lipsticks launch, we knew from customers that texture, lip-loving properties, and pigmentation were key.,” Dozie tells ESSENCE.

“Women wanted a lip product that felt amazing and looked amazing while nourishing their lips,” Dozie notes. “While working on the Bossy Gloss, we learned about MagNut sense oil and Maxi Lip™, which are known to moisturize and volumize, respectively. I personally loved the idea of adding some menthol into the gloss to give a bit of a cooling effect, especially since we were launching in the summertime.”

Bossy Cosmetics Releases The Ultimate, Vegan Lip Gloss For Black Women

The lightweight and ultra-hydrating components within the Bossy Gloss are the perfect elements to leave your lips plump and polished with a high-shine. The non-sticky formula is offered in five different vibrant shades: Unapologetic, Outspoken, Feisty, Empowered, and Purposeful. Dozie says, “The objective of the pigments is for the glosses to be able to stand alone on your lips for a lightly glazed look or layered for the ultimate shine.”

In addition to the presence of Maxi Lip™ and MagNut sense oil, the Bossy Gloss is also vegan, cruelty-free, unscented, and contains Vitamin E to leave the lips soft and smooth. “While I work with a team of cosmetic experts, I won’t release a product that doesn’t look flattering on Black women,” Dozie shares. “I am always the first to try everything on and see how it works on deeply pigmented skin, and then I work my way from there. These Bossy Glosses are special because every single color works beautifully on Black skin of all shades and can be applied on their own or as an overlay to matte lipsticks. Either way, they were designed by a Black woman with us as a first thought and not an afterthought.”

Bossy Cosmetics Releases The Ultimate, Vegan Lip Gloss For Black Women

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