Young Dolph Had “No Fear Of Feuds” When Returning To Memphis
Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images

As more news continues to develop around the senseless murder of Young Dolph, those close to him are sharing insights that make his death even more frustrating.

According to TMZ, sources are telling them that the late rapper was excited to be back in his hometown, booking a week full of charity events for his community, but was unaware of any threats or beef attempts made against his life.

He had no fear of hitting the streets of Memphis without security guards,” the write-up stated. It is one of the reasons why he felt comfortable enough going to his favorite snack shop, Makeda’s Cookies.

It was there where two men ambushed Dolph, opening fire and killing him instantly.

As evident to how much of an impact Dolph made in his community, multiple turkey giveaways he and his Paper Route record label had organized with local rappers continued in the wake of his passing.

Volunteers gave out hundreds of birds and other food items to families in need because it is what the 36-year-old rapper and family man would have wanted.

The two suspects have yet to be caught, while surveillance has released images (via TMZ) from the attack that shows both of them in broad daylight, covered head-to-toe (including masks) and holding guns.Since the shooting, fear has gripped the community, as many feared that the gun violence would escalate into a full-blown war. Cops allegedly stood guard outside of Yo Gotti’s restaurant in the area, but it was never attacked.

And while the two were connected in a host of rap feuds in the past, there was nothing recent between the two men, and Gotti has not commented or been linked to Dolph’s murder at all.

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