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Stay Looking! An 'Insecure' Scavenger Hunt Is Coming To South LA

Fans could win a free trip for their participation.
Stay Looking! An ‘Insecure’ Scavenger Hunt Is Coming To South LA
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for ESSENCE)

Issa Rae’s audio creation firm RAEDIO and the messenger app Community are partnering to bring a unique scavenger hunt to South Los Angeles. 

The companies are hosting a special one-day event to celebrate the finale of Insecure on December 5. The event is designed to merge the “the URL to IRL,” and allow fans to truly immerse themselves in the world of their favorite show, while supporting their communities. 

Stay Looking! An ‘Insecure’ Scavenger Hunt Is Coming To South LA

The Community app affords creators the chance to connect directly with their audience. Fans will be able to use Community’s text messaging service to contact Raedio at 310-356-9895. They will receive a response to their message that will include riddles focused on events that took place during the five season run of Insecure. Each riddle will include a hint that will unlock a location on the route of the scavenger hunt. 

Local businesses have been chosen for many of the locations giving those participating a change to engage with these shop owners. The locations include iconic businesses known to and respected by many in their neighborhoods. 

Prizes available to those playing include limited Raedio and Insecure soundtrack merchandise, and exclusive virtual streaming content including a preview of the Insecure soundtrack and the We Stay Looking Podcast. The soundtrack was produced by Raedio and the We Stay Looking Podcast was produced by Raedio and Tenderfoot TV. 

The grand prize is a chance to attend their #CampRaedio event. #CampRaedio is an upcoming curated event designed to offer a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create superior audio content. 

Rae’s entire cinematic universe has revolved around her affection for her home city of Los Angeles. Insecure has been frequently described as a “love letter to LA,” and her first non-scripted reality show for HBO MAX The Sweet Life is centered on a group of twenty-something Anglenos pursuing Black excellence in the city. The show’s soundtracks have been praised by fans consistently and a new Saweetie song is expected to air in an upcoming episode. 

Learn more about Raedio here. Learn more about Community here