In a world where social media has celebrities under a 24/7 microscope, these couples cleverly found a way to keep their relationships under wraps until they were ready to share with the public.

This week, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan and influencer/beauty entrepreneur Lori Harvey confirmed their already speculated relationship by posting cozy Instagram photos. From the moment those lovey-dovey posts were published, it was all anyone was talking about. Women were applauding Harvey for snagging the sexiest man alive, and folks are already waiting on the edge of their seats for more Black love moments from these two.

What’s most impressive is that Jordan and Harvey didn’t feel the pressure to overshare about their budding relationship, even if folks already had their suspicions. They waited until the timing was right to let the people in on the fact that they’d been spending time together, which is a formula that’s proven to work for many other celebrity couples.

Scroll through the gallery to see 10 celebrity couples who played it cool before going public.


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