7 Escapes Black Women Should Splurge On At Least Once
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Despite what social media might show us, travel is definitely a luxury. Finding the coins to see some world and still keep the fridge full and the roof over our heads is a constant juggle. But somehow we make it happen (praises), with flight deals, Groupons, and friends willing to go half on the experience. Now while there’s nothing wrong with exploring on a budget, from time to time we need to splurge and treat ourselves to a taste of the good life.

We deserve a little global glam after spending day in and day out working hard for the money. That’s why we’ve found a few escapes we feel every Black woman should splurge on at least once in this lifetime, guilt-free. From unique safaris and private islands to hotels fit for royalty and treehouses perfect for unplugging, it’s time to celebrate you and indulge in luxury like the queen you are. Trust us sis, you’re worth it.

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