How To Plan A Group Trip And Still Keep Your Friends
Photo Credit: @brokeassgirltravel

In theory, it sounds simple and epic. After all, assembling your girl squad and planning a dope getaway full of girl talk, drinks, and fun in the sun should be a breeze right? Wrong!

From disagreements on budget and location to battles between #TeamSleep and #TeamSleepWhenIDie, traveling with a group can be a major nightmare. If anyone knows how crazy planning group trips can be, its travel influencer Mally Williams (@brokeassgirltravel). The Kansas City, Missouri native’s cheeky personality has made her a fave on social media among Black women of all ages looking to see some world on a budget. So when the demand came for Williams to start planning her own group trips, Broke Ass Girl Travel, she wasn’t sure she was ready for the stress but knew if she handled things right, the experience could end up being food for the soul and forge new sisterhoods.

“There’s nothing like traveling with friends or new people who eventually become bffs. Group trips are a great opportunity to form new lifelong relationships and practice skills like communication and getting along,” says Willams. “It’s also a chance to build a sisterhood and network. Taking that break and forming those bonds is so important for our self-care as Black women and shouldn’t be missed.”

ESSENCE caught up with the self-proclaimed ‘fake blogger’ to get her tips on how to plan a seamless, headache-free group trip that will keep our friendships intact and create memories that last a lifetime.

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