These Four Websites Are Helping College Students Plan Budget-Friendly Travels

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Being a college student doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun. These travel sites make exploring the world while in school a budget-friendly reality.

Congratulations, you’re embarking on the educational adventure of a lifetime – college. While you may end up being rich in knowledge, chances are you’re also broke. Though school may feel like a full-time job, it certainly doesn’t pay like one, and between classes and low wage part-time jobs and internships, it is hard to be able to save for splurges like traveling the world.

However, all hope is not lost. With a little planning and determination, exploring the world as a student is very possible and within reach. These four sites were made specifically to help college students and young adults (because let’s face it, you’re usually broke straight out of college too) go on adventures of a lifetime that are fun memorable, and most important – within budget.

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