Working out at home can be tough.

Between juggling work, home, kids, family and the general uncertainty of a global pandemic, sometimes the last thing we’re thinking about is getting in a workout — no matter how much we know it needs to get done. Not to mention, once we do, YouTube workouts can become mundane doing them day-after-day.

But there are really only two ways of coming out of this self-quarantine: slim and fine, or thick and fine (either way, we’re still going to be fine, okay?). But in addition to helping us shed some much needed pounds, and help us live our best, most healthy life, a workout routine can help ease anxiety related to coping with the pandemic.

For those who miss the excitement of group, and outdoor workouts, hope is not lost. There are plenty of options to spice up your home workout routine so you’ll actually be looking forward to it each day.


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