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During the 2021 ESSENCE Wellness House: You Are What You Think, WW Head of Inclusion & Diversity Monika Pierce joined ESSENCE VP Of Experiential & Branded Content Stephanie Dunivan to talk about a few ways we can do a better job of prioritizing our physical health.

While sharing a little about their own wellness journeys, the two ladies highlighted how the tools provided by the WW app has provided them support and learnings that goes far beyond just being mindful of what you put in your body. For Monika, the lesson came in learning to focus on the bigger picture.

“With WW, I started to realize that this isn’t about getting to a destination or a number on the scale,” Pierce said. “It’s really just about how I show up my best self for my family, for my job and for all of these things. And feel good about it and feel like I’m supported and like I’m in control.”

For Stephanie, the motivation to prioritize her health is driven by her desire to live a long, happy life where she can be present for her children and her children’s children.

“My ‘why,’ is just to be around for my kids and my kid’s kids,” she said. “It’s sustainable health. And in the past, like a lot of people watching, I’ve tried every crash diet, I’ve tried every cleanse…and it’s always been to get somewhere or for an event. But, this time, WW is really just helping me change my way of life.”

Watch the video above to hear the conversation in full. For more of everything you missed at ESSENCE Wellness House: You Are What You Think, click HERE.


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