Lisa Nichols: 'Black Women Need To Stay At The Front Of Their Own Line'

The motivational speaker came joined the Essence Wellness House and explained why its time for Black women to put themselves "at the front of their own line."

Motivational speaker Lisa Nichols joined the ESSENCE Festival 2020 Wellness House virtual stage with a clear and on-time message: Black women, its time to put ourselves first!

As Black women, we wear many hats. We’re mothers, wives, teachers, entrepreneurs, executives, community activists, and the list goes on. It’s easy to feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, but we must nurture ourselves if we are to live a whole and happy life. The transformational speaker and coach appeared on the virtual lineup and preached the gospel of why it’s important for Black women to serve themselves before serving others.

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“Make sure you’re at the front of your own line,” she says. “You will always have a line of people, issues, projects protests, wrongs to write…you will always have that line. But I invite you to stay at the front of your own line.”

Watch the empowering clip above, and stay tuned into ESSENCE Festival of Culture streaming now.