Have you ever tried to start a plant-based or organic diet, only to watch all of your coins evaporate after a grocery run? It’s no secret that nutritious foods can be expensive. But can you really put a price on your long-term health?

This past weekend at Essence Wellness House, Dr. Lauren Powell, popularly known as “The Culinary Doctor,” and wellness guru Ahki Taylor joined the stage with ESSENCE Relationships and Wellness Director Charli Penn for a conversation about prioritizing healthy eating.

Dr. Powell says she has experiences with patients who don’t want to invest in their health. “How you spend your money and time [shows] what you value,” she says. “I’m not judging, but if you want to come in my office with your hair, nails and feet done, we really have to prioritize our time and money to eat healthy.”

Dr. Powell admits to spending a good portion of her budget on food to ensure she’s keeping her health on track. “I know that if I have my health, I’m wealthy,” she tells the crowd. “It takes health to get up and go to work every day and take care of your family. We all have parents that are aging. That takes your health. [You] can always go out and get more money, but if you’re not healthy, you may not be able to do that.”

Now that is food for thought! Watch the session on prioritizing your health below.

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