Prioritizing self-care in the forms of physical health, mental well-being, and emotional stability has never been more important. This spring, ESSENCE Wellness House is heading to Atlanta to bring you an immersive, day-long retreat with a host of experts on hand to help guide your towards your journey to holistic happiness.

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As we all work to navigate our existence as career professionals, parents, spouses, caretakers, friends and more in today’s ever-changing society, learning effective ways to balance it all is key.

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From coping with grief, to getting a handle on your fitness goals, to preventing burnout at work and so much more, our lineup of over 20 A-list fitness pros and wellness practitioners will be in the building for intimate, interactive sessions designed to help you work your way through it all.

Scroll through for a look at the full list of wellness experts, fitness gurus, nutritionists, doctors, life coaches and more coming to ESSENCE Wellness House – ATL. See you in March!


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