Miguel Releases ‘Clarity Trip,’ Music For You To Vibe To In A Whole New Way
Ethan Gulley

Miguel is back with new music, but not the edgy, sultry sounds you’re used to. Instead of putting out tunes you can dance, sing at the top of your lungs or make love to, the norm for the Cali crooner, this new offering is meant to help you find clarity while walking and hiking — among other beneficial activities.

The Grammy winner teamed up with the Endel app, known for creating AI-powered immersive sounds that are “designed to support your everyday life.” The collaboration has resulted in a project called Clarity Trip, filled with original production and vocals from the star. No words though, just sounds meant to help you think clearer and more creatively as you take to a trail near you.

“Walking and meditating are things that have always brought me presence and creativity,” the singer said in a press release about the project. “I have a tremendous interest in anything that pushes the boundaries of what we know music to do. Essentially every time you listen to ‘Clarity Trip’ it will be a different version, personal to you. ‘Clarity Trip’ is about movement and altered state – heightening your experience and hopefully altering your state for the better.”

Ethan Gulley

A combination of soothing sounds, including his voice at times, the soundscape allows for you to be more present in your surroundings while walking. That’s because the scientifically-engineered sounds adapt to your cadence while moving, helping you to walk longer. That’s certainly a win not only for your fitness goals, but also for your mental health.

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But Clarity Trip, according to Miguel, is truly meant to aid you in any activity. The tunes help you be more productive in all areas.

“Been looking for new and interesting ways to create music which is why I collaborated with @endelsound to create an experience crafted specifically for you, whatever you’re doing,” he wrote on Instagram upon the project’s release. “Clarity Trip is an entirely new way to enjoy my sound at different levels of activity. Unlike regular music or playlists, Clarity Trip will completely sync with your activity, static or in-motion. Def amped for you to experience it and get your feedback !”

Clarity Trip is presently available now via the Endel iOS app and for Android. Try it out to bring about some serene vibes to your next walk, run, yoga session, meditation, night’s rest — anything you can be more fruitful in your enjoyment of.