We The Urban Releases New, Ultra-Cozy Merchandise Line
Courtesy of Brand

Chances are you have come across We The Urban’s aesthetically pleasing posts of wisdom several times. The Instagram page, created by Willie Greene in 2009, is filled with an encouraging feed made of life gems and carousels that will uplift and empower you with a few words. Now, the digital platform is creating a tangible love letter packed with inspiring messages for its community of over 4.3 million followers.

“I’ve gauged that people have been longing for a way to interact with the brand in an even more immersive way, so I decided that a collection would be our next best move,” Greene tells ESSENCE. The Handle With Care collection includes an array of hoodies, t-shirts, accessories, affirmation posters, and a limited-edition journal. Greene’s underlying intention was to create elevated basics that are both comfortable and empowering – guaranteed to make you look and feel great. 

Greene says, “Every last detail of it, from the linen cover, to the stitching, to the quotes filtered in-between was done with intention and care.”

As a Black, queer-led platform, Greene prioritizes empowering marginalized voices. And within the campaign for the Handle With Care collection, Black, brown, indigenous, and queer individuals are captured alongside their sisters, brothers, parents, and best friends.

Another fascinating part about the connections formed amongst the We The Urban community members is that some connected with each other directly through Instagram. “My goal is to bring the community together with this launch by centering creatives from Black, brown, indigenous, and queer communities,” Greene explained.

“Though all of us are still 100% in the midst of a pandemic, we’re at a place in culture where we’re trying to figure out how to maneuver this new way of existing. I think this is why what I put out on We The Urban continues to affect people on a personal level,” Greene shares.

“I don’t have all of the answers, but by sharing my experiences and thoughts as I’m on my own personal journey, I see that the platform still acts as a service for people during this crucial time of change.”

We The Urban’s Handle With Care collection is available for purchase now on shop.wetheurban.com.