Black Queer Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following
Photo: Instagram/@museummammy

If there is one thing we can learn from the queer community, it’s resilience. While June is a month dedicated to celebrate members in the LGBTQ+ movement, which includes Pride Month parades across the world, this year is a little bit different. From COVID-19 to police brutality, the past few months have been extremely challenging for minorities. So when you add the inclusion of a community who has historically been at a disadvantage, along with being Black, the support toward movements that are not their own truly demonstrates solidarity.

When it comes to learning about LGBTQ+ issues, Instagram serves as a great tool to help you find queer activists who are always enlightening their audience about their community. From model Aaron Philip to activist Kimberly Drew to Hollywood producer Janet Mock, your timeline should incorporate these LGBTQ+ members. From to-die-for looks to community activism to cheeky dancing videos, these are the queer instagram accounts you should already be following.

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