Scouring the internet for the best of the best (the best jeans, mini dresses, pearl jewelry, you name it) is essentially my entire job, and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that Nordstrom carries some of the best brands. Moreover, when it comes to fashion sales, they’re simply undefeated. Naturally, I’m heading over quickly to stuff my virtual cart with a few goodies for its President’s Day sale, which kicks off February 17, and I’m starting with everything from WAYF.

I’m all about a one stop shop – give me all the trendy dresses, sweaters and skirts in one swoop please – and WAYF is one of those trend-forward brands known to get the job done without fail. Not only are its pieces pretty affordable from the jump, but with Nordstrom’s President’s Day sale factored in, all of the brand’s discounted styles now sit under $100 (and some of them are already selling out). I’ve rounded up 12 styles from the sale to kick off your shopping spree with below. Here’s to shopping smarter, not harder.