With events, birthday dinners, Fashion Week and the like back in full swing, we all seem to be looking for night out attire these dates. While there’s no contest (I love my tube tops, mini skirts and all just the same) we can’t negate that there’s one quintessential night out piece that reigns supreme, quite literally never to go out of style – The black mini dress (colloquially known as the LBD). As we inch away from the winter weather (slowly, for some, but surely) now feels like as good as a time as any to see which options online are worth adding to our virtual carts.

My favorite thing about black mini dresses is that for anyone who has a hard time putting together a full outfit, they really are a look all its own. You only need the most simple of shoes and a handbag, and voilà. On the other hand, should you feel inspired to turn your black mini dress up several notches, by way of sheer or leather gloves, tights, a statement coat and over-the-top accessorizing, its blank slate nature allows you to do jus that, too. Simply put, we all win with a LBD, so without further ado, here are 12 affordable (under $115) styles not to go another night out without.