Supervsn And Union LA Team Up To Create A New Collection
Courtesy of Brand

The most beautiful thing about fashion collaborations are the elements birthed from coming together, like the beautiful clothing, but also seeing how two perspectives compliment each other and the powerful messages infused in the partnerships. The latest case in point in real time is Union LA’s collaboration with Supervsn – dubbed as SuperUnion.

As a result of aligned missions to support their local communities, along with similar interests in music, art and fashion, SuperUnion was bound to happen – it was only a matter of time. After Chris Gibbs, founder of Union LA, reached out to Gavin Mathieu, founder of Supervsn, about stocking his brand in the streetwear retailer, a collaboration between the two was the immediate, following thought. 

This collaboration is described as a story of two pioneers coming together to connect with the next generation and create a synergy of respect and shared energy to support one another. Both founders view it as a reflection of the intergenerational connection and impact displayed in the years of 2020 and 2021, when the world was faced with many challenges and had to come together to prevail.

Within the collection, elevated basics are stamped with the SuperUnion logo and powerful graphics. The first drop from the collection will be released on March 2nd and be available for purchase on and at Union LA and Union Japan. 

View the SuperUnion lookbook ahead.