If you haven’t heard, Rihanna’s luxury label Fenty teamed up with the beloved shoe designer Amina Muaddi. Muaddi’s shoes have become a fan favorite and celebrities love this particular designer as well. Spotted on many A-listers like Laura Harrier, Kendall Jenner, and one of Rihanna’s fav staples, the designer has rose the top and landed many stockiest along the way. If you’re lucky, you have a pair of Muaddi’s shoes which can cost you upward $1,000.

For the designer’s latest link up, the pair is pushing boundaries with an innovative upside-down stiletto heel, inspired by the durability of a steel nail. Known for structuring a unique heel along with a master in color selection, Muaddi took influence from Rihanna for this collection.” Footwear that represents the muse and the brand: strong, refined and feminine,” she says. The Fenty x Amina Muaddi collaboration brings a fresh feminine take to Fenty which usually gives a cool girl and edgy aesthetic. However, this is not the shoe designers first project with Fenty. Just last year, Muaddi revealed to Footwear News that she helped design shoes for Fenty in-house. For this project, the designer was able to bring her namesake brands key elements into the collection.

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Following in our CEO’s footsteps gliding over grates in heels. The second style in our limited edition #Release720, Code Word, comes in Acid Green with a metallic heel inspired by steel nails. NOW available on FENTY.com and through link in bio. By @valentinherfray #FENTY #FENTYshoes

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Working closely with Rihanna’s style guru and Fenty creative director, Jahleel Weaver the team created a selection of 7 heels for this release titled, 7-20. “Jah and I have such a similar aesthetic. We match outfits without even planning it. We show up dressed the same way all the time,” Muaddi tells Vogue when detailing how in sync she and Weaver are. From neon green heels with a PVC strap to a braided up calf peep toe to a mesh mule, this collection is made with a chic modern woman in mind. Ranging in price from $490-$820, shop the Fenty x Amina Muaddi collab at FENTY.com.

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